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*A Book Review*

No B.S. Guide to Brand-Building By Direct Response

By Dan S. Kennedy with Forrest Walden & Jim Cavale

by Michael C. Gray

April 30, 2014

Here is a guide for small business owners about the proper role of brand building in marketing their businesses.

If you are familiar with Dan Kennedy's other books, you know he discourages focusing on brand building in your marketing. In direct response marketing, the emphasis is more on crafting powerful offers and benefit-laden messages to elicit a response by the customer.

However, Dan does have his own "No B.S" brand for his books about marketing and GKIC for sales and marketing training programs and materials, and has been involved with building brands for clients, such as Proactive and Guthy-Renker. His point is the building a brand for selling products and services is prohibitively expensive for most small businesses compared more direct approaches. Brand building can be done indirectly through positioning and your direct marketing messages.

Forrest Walden and Jim Cavale are implementers of Kennedy-style direct marketing. They have built a franchised brand, called Iron Tribe Fitness, which has been very successful and profitable. In No B.S. Guide To Brand-Building, they share their experience with applying lead generation methods to build successful fitness studios. As part of their customer retention process, they built the Iron Tribe brand. Customers/members are proud to be affiliated with their fitness studio, and become rabid fans. They can't help talking about their experience in the exclusive programs and recruiting their friends.

Also, investors in franchises require a strong brand as part of the franchise package. It's a basic part of the business that they can "get a handle on."

There are also contributions to this book by other Kennedy devotees, including Nick Nanton and J.W. Dicks, of the Celebrity Branding Agency. They illustrate how they help clients to use publicity and media such as custom made video movies to establish themselves as celebrities and build their personal brands.

Many direct response and positioning examples are illustrated for the small business owner to adapt and implement.

I recommend that small business owners study all of Dan Kennedy's materials. No B.S. Guide To Brand-Building By Direct Response is another practical business-building guide that should be in every business owner's library.

Purchase it on Amazon: No B.S. Guide to Brand-Building by Direct Response: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Plan to Creating and Profiting from a Powerful Brand Without Buying It

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No B.S. Guide to Brand-Building By Direct Response, by Dan S. Kennedy with Forrest Walden and Jim Cavale, explains when branding is useful and the best way to go about it for medium-sized businesses.

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