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The Artist's Way

By Julia Cameron

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2023 by Michael C. Gray

Are you suffering from "artist's block?" Are you having trouble practicing an art that you're interested in, even as a hobby?

The Artist's Way might help get you "kickstarted" to overcome that block and get the flow going for your art.

Julia Cameron is the bestselling author of more than 40 books, fiction and nonfiction, and a poet, songwriter, filmmaker, and playwright. She has been teaching creativity classes, based on her own experience, since 1992.

The core of The Artist's Way is simple. Write three "morning pages" daily and have a weekly solo getaway for a few hours.

The morning pages are not for sharing and, initially, not for self-evaluation. They are just to get you writing - anything. You can even start by writing nursery rhymes to get started, and eventually, your thoughts about anything. You still keep them for later reference. The morning pages should be hand written, not typed.

They should be written before getting involved with your other activities for the day.

There are chapters in The Artist's Way for weekly self-examination over a twelve-week period. Hopefully, after twelve weeks, you will have established a "happy habit" and continue with the morning pages and weekly solo outing.

If you're wondering whether writing morning pages will help you get "kickstarted" in unrelated arts, like music, acting or painting, many of Julia's students say that is their experience. Students have written books, plays, screenplays, symphonies, paintings and more after being blocked or not getting started for many years when they follow the process.

This sounds simple enough. Many might find following the process difficult. Fitting these activities with your regular duties might take some creativity in itself. We all have other obligations for our work and families. Parents might have to look after small children. A spouse or romantic partner might feel neglected with the time devoted to morning pages, and, especially might resent the weekly solo outing. Somehow, you also have to devote time to frequent activities with your mate and to reach an understanding. Easier said than done.

You might want to work with a coach or join an "Artist's Way" mutual support group, if you find it hard to follow the program on your own.

Kickstart your creativity. Get a copy of The Artist's Way and follow the process.

Buy it at Amazon: The Artist's Way: 30th Anniversary Edition.

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