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The Secret of the Ages

By Robert Collier

*A Book Review*

by Michael C. Gray

© 2010 by Michael C. Gray

If you are an individual who is turned off by faith-based books, this book review is not for you. Please put it aside and read something you enjoy.

The Secret of the Ages is a classic self-help book written by advertising master Robert Collier.

I learned about it when I read about his promotional campaign for the series of pamphlets that became the book in the Robert Collier Letter Book. Collier collected the pamphlets into a single volume in 1926 and later revised the book in 1948, before his death in 1950.

Robert Collier recovered from a chronic illness with the help of mental healing. He studied New Thought metaphysical and success principles, like those taught by Unity and Christian Science. Then he wrote this book about what he learned. The book is not affiliated with any church.

The major point of the book is that men and women have enormous latent power available to them through the subconscious mind. Collier believed we have a connection to infinite Mind or God through our subconscious, and we can learn to use that connection more effectively.

A key factor is identifying a principal goal or purpose for our life. Most of us are diffusing our energies because our goals aren’t well defined.

Sometimes we may find a goal we have been pursuing isn’t the right one for us, and we need to reassess our direction.

The Secret of the Ages inspired many people to face their challenges during the Great Depression. It may be that those facing similar challenges during today’s Great Recession will once more find inspiration in these pages.

Buy it on Amazon: The Secret of the Ages.

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The Secret of the Ages is a faith-based self-help book by Robert Collier. The point of the book is that humans have enormous subconscious power.

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